Hi! Welcome to my website!

I'm Barry Luijbregts. I'm an independent software developer and architect with a passion for the cloud. I keep busy with creating Pluralsight courses, podcasting at Developer Weekly, speaking and doing actual work for customers :-) I'm also a Microsoft Azure MVP.

I've also written a book called "200 Things Developers Should know", which you can buy on Amazon

You can find a list of my appearances and publications here.

My focus is on the wonderful and huge world of Microsoft Azure. I've been working and playing with it since it was around and I truly believe that Azure (and other cloud platforms) will help to mature the software industry. The cloud provides plumbing and quality attributes (performance, availability, security, etc..) that we are always trying to reinvent ourselves. When we use the cloud, we don't have to. Because of that, we can focus on things that matter and add value - that is the power of the cloud!

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