People seem to love my Pluralsight course Microsoft Azure for Developers: What to Use When..
It goes through all of the Azure services that are relevant to developers and teaches you which ones you should use when. Here are some of the things that people are saying about the course:

February 24th, 2019:

Thanks Barry,
In simple words,
"It is one of the very best course for Beginner as well as for experienced developer of Azure"

The way author explain every option available in azure and the most good thing is the comparison at the end of each module.


March 14, 2019:

This course is Amazing, should be the first course to see when learning Azure

As Azure changes rapidly, I update the course frequently to make it represent the current status of Azure. I've just published an update that includes the following changes:

  • Azure Container Service is now Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) (this was a long time overdue, but I wasn't sure where Microsoft was going with AKS)
  • App Service Containers now also supports Windows Containers
  • Added Service Fabric Mesh
  • Added Azure Machine Learning Service
  • Added Azure SignalR Service
  • Renamed Visual Studio Team Services to Azure DevOps

There are more new things in Azure that are interesting to developers, like the new Azure Spatial Anchors. I don't add everything in there, because some services are very new and might change a lot before they become generally available. If you know of a service that should be covered in the course, but isn't, let me know!