I have been struggling with keeping track of the Microsoft Azure platform as it is so large and changes constantly (which is a good thing).

So, I’ve been researching where to find an overview of all the services Azure has to offer, and the status of them (Preview, Generally Available…). I found lot’s of websites, like:

But none of them are complete or up-to-date. So I did what every developer would do; build it myself.

I’ve aggregated all of the publically available information about Azure services I could find and created www.azure-overview.com to show it.

Mostly, it’s a tool to help me keep track of everything and to force me to stay up-to-date.

Hopefully, it will help you as well, as you are devving your way through the wonderful world of Microsoft Azure.

I will keep the site up-to-date as new services arise and statuses change.

I’m sure that I’ve missed some services and made some mistakes. Please reach out to me with any feedback!