Jun 14 / Barry Luijbregts

Become more productive with Windows

Do you use Windows for your work or personal projects? If you do, you spend a lot of time with it and you should really learn to be super productive with it. That’s what my new Udemy course "Windows 10 Productivity Booster" is for. 

In the course, you’ll learn many productivity tips for Windows 10 (also works for Windows 11) that will speed up your work and make your life easier. This course is short and to the point because I don’t want to waste your time. It covers productivity tips, tips to manage applications and windows, useful keyboard shortcuts and more advanced tips. 

Amongst other things, you’ll find out how to use the Clipboard History, how to record your screen with a built-in Windows too, how to use the Calculator to become more productive and how you can organize your work with Windows Virtual Desktops.

You will also learn about a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts and how to enable hibernation, protect against ransomware, use god mode in Windows, safely test files in the Windows Sandbox and create more storage space with storage sense.

To follow along, you need to have Windows installed on your machine. You should also know the basics of using Windows. That’s all. 

Enroll in the course now or try the free preview to become more productive with Windows 10!
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