Barry Luijbregts

Learn during an Infolunch

I found that a great way to keep learning within a company is through an infolunch.

This is an hour a week where , during lunch, people at your company share something, or watch something that teaches everyone something.

You can make this as elaborate as you want and you can do things like:

* Watch a technical (or otherwise educational) video or presentation. For instance a talk from a conference or a Pluralsight course
* Have somebody present something interesting about a project they are working on
    * this will help people to prepare a presentation and talk in front of a group
    * additionally, the person presenting, will have a very deep understanding of the topic, as they will have to dive deep to be able to explain it
* Discuss a particular challenge within the organization or project and try to solve it with the group

Ask your boss for time to organize this and for time to prepare for a presentation during the lunch. 

This is an easy way to learn and share and it will also foster a work culture of sharing and learning – give it a try!
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