Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

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Course overview

In this course you’ll learn the basic elements of Azure, subscriptions, tenants, availability- and failover zones and more.

You will learn how to set these up for yourself or your client so that you have the best and most cost-effective solution to build on.

Also, you’ll learn about Azure Resource Manager and Azure Bicep. And you’ll discover other tools to work with Azure, including the Azure CLI, PowerShell, Data Studio, Storage Explorer, VS Code and Visual Studio.

On top of that, you’ll learn how to think about costs in the cloud and how to reduce them.

  • Basic cloud knowledge needed
  • 1,5 hours of video
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate
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What will you learn?

  • The basic Microsoft Azure resource hierarchy
  • Azure Subscription and Support plan types
  • Estimate Azure costs
  • What Azure Active Directory B2B and B2C are
  • How to grant users permissions
  • What Availability zones, Fault- and update domains are
  • What Azure Resource Groups are
  • Management Groups and Azure Blueprint
  • What Azure Policy is
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
  • Tools to work with Azure, including CLI, PowerShell, Cloud Shell
  • How VS Code and Visual Studio work with Azure
  • Data tools for Azure
  • The things that cost money in the cloud
  • Analyzing and reporting costs in Azure
  • Ways to reduce costs in Azure

Who is this course for?

  • People interested in cloud computing and Microsoft Azure
  • When you know what cloud computing is and what Microsoft Azure is
  • A great refresher for experienced people
  • Great for software developers, architects and IT pros

Your instructor:
Barry Luijbregts

I've been emerged in Microsoft Azure since its beta in 2008, and have taught over 500.000 students about cloud computing and software development.

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