Pluralsight has just released my 15th course: Building Cloud-Native Solutions for Azure with Visual Studio. This is another short course, that is about an hour long.

I like this format of hour-long courses. They have enough length to pack them with usefull demos and concepts and they are very consumable in a lunch or so. Let me know if you like this format too, or if you prefer longer format courses.

This new course is all about using Visual Studio to create applications for Azure. In the course, I focus on developing three things:

  • An application that talks to Azure Cosmos DB
  • Extending that same application with an Azure Function that is triggered by Cosmos DB and sends an email using SendGrid
  • Packaging the application, together with an API, into Docker containers and running that locally and in an Azure Web App for Containers

I think that this is a very useful course for quickly learning how to develop common things for the cloud using Visual Studio. You'll also learn how to develop and test this aplication locally, before you publish it to the cloud.

Enjoy en let me know what you think!