Yesterday, my latest Pluralsight course - Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery - was published.

This one is different from the ones I usually create, as it is a big picture course and it's in the operations side of things.

I explain the concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery from a technology-agnostic viewpoint and cover the common steps to implement these techniques.

I think this course is good for people that don't know what Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery is and want to get a primer on the concepts. It's very consumable as it is less then an hour long.

The course consists out of four modules:

Throughout the course, I stay technology agnostic. However, a very good tool that I use regularly for Continuous Integration and Delivery scenarios is Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). With this, you can create a build and release pipeline and it's pretty easy.

Next courses: Cloud Design Patterns

On with the next courses! I'm very excited about the next ones, which form a series of Cloud Design Pattern courses. The series will contain cloud design patterns, like the Retry Pattern and the Event Sourcing Pattern that are so relevant in today's world of distributed applications. As there are a lot of patterns that I want to explain, the series is split up into a couple of courses that focus on patterns around a certain theme, like Data Management and Performance. Stay tuned!