In December 2020, I passed the Az-304 exam (Microsoft Azure Architect Design). This exam tests your expertise in designing solutions with Azure services and infrastructure. The Az-304 exam is not an easy one and it covers a lot of topics.

Luckily, Pluralsight now has many exam preparation paths that you can use to prepare for Azure exams. There are many paths that you can take, including a path for the Az-304 exam. For this specific path, I created some courses that will help you to design for cost optimization, logging and monitoring, and high availability.

The path contains courses for all the skills that you need to master to pass the exam and guides you through them. If you follow the path, you'll be able to pass the exam and you will learn a lot of architecture skills that will help you in your career.

So go and check out the Az-304 Pluralsight path.