For years now, I've avoided using JavaScript frameworks as they were moving so much and I wanted to wait until the field yielded a winner.

I'm looking into creating a new web application as a side project and I don't want to write it using only vanilla JavaScript. So for this new project, I'm leaning towards Angular as I feel that it has proven itself for many projects and will do a lot of the heavy lifting for me.

But as I want to keep control over the technology, I want to just add it where needed and use it to speed up my development.

So to start with this, I've been learning about Angular. And you guessed it: my favorite platform for learning new things is Pluralsight. I've watched many courses on the topic and I particularly found the Pluralsight course "Add Angular to MVC Applications" by Paul D. Sheriff very useful as it covers exactly what I need. Paul explains the topic very clearly and doesn't skip over any details.

The most useful things that I got from the course were about doing data validation and manipulation with Angular. That will save me a lot of development time.

So if you haven't yet, go and watch the course!