I try to tweet something useful to know about Azure each day as a tip with my twitter account AzureBarry. To give people (and myself) an overview of these tips, I will post a weekly summary of the tips.

Why? Because I hope this helps people to create amazing solutions using the cloud. Here goes:

  1. The temporary disk in Azure VMs (not the OS disk) is transient and will lose all data when the VM releases its resources.
  2. Each Azure Storage account is limited to 20,000 IOPS and 500 TB of storage.
  3. Azure storage page blobs can store up to 1 TB of data and are optimized for read/write operations.
  4. See processes and more of the machine(s) your Azure App Service is running on through Kudu. Go to https://t.co/OIaEhGv8ye
  5. You can get Azure VM images for Linux and FreeBSD from the VM depot: https://t.co/6eLJvdYY1U
  6. Autoscaling for Azure VMs the first time: it will only kick in after an hour as it uses the average metric value of the past hour.
  7. In Azure, there are 3 SQL Azure tiers and they have their own size limit: Basic: 2GB, Standard: 250GB, Premium: 500GB
  8. See the comprehensive list of Azure service here: http://t.co/hbaAdhFl1H