I try to tweet something useful to know about Azure each day as a tip with my twitter account AzureBarry. To give people (and myself) an overview of these tips, I will post a weekly summary of the tips.

Why? Because I hope this helps people to create amazing solutions using the cloud. Here goes:

  1. Azure SQL database federations will retire with web and business editions in September 2015 #AzureTip

  2. MSFT has provided a tool and guidance for moving from #Azure SQL Databases Federations to Elastic scale: http://bit.ly/1Nl9jS7 #AzureTip
  3. See the roadmap for #Azure services: http://goo.gl/fiCTMp #AzureTip
  4. Make sure you shut down your #Azure VM correctly in order to reduce your bill. See how here: http://bit.ly/1JcpJi2 #AzureTip
  5. Did you know that remote debugging in #Azure Web Apps shuts itself off after 48 hours? #AzureTip
  6. Troubleshoot your #Azure Web App with the new Support Portal Preview (go to Preview portal > Web App > Tools > Troubleshoot) #AzureTip
  7. In #Azure Web Apps, Application logging will turn itself off automatically after 12 hours. #AzureTip