I try to tweet something useful to know about Azure each day as a tip with my twitter account AzureBarry. To give people (and myself) an overview of these tips, I will post a weekly summary of the tips.

Why? Because I hope this helps people to create amazing solutions using the cloud. Here goes:

  1. Thanks to @Joosthaneveer, Download #Azure Visio Stencils https://goo.gl/B11RNY and 3d blueprint http://goo.gl/ja08Xa #AzureTip
  2. Learn #Azure Services Bus in the new Learning path: http://goo.gl/tjJANQ #AzureTip
  3. Test your scalability early and often. One tool that can help with that is Loader.io. You can find it in the #Azure Martketplace #AzureTip
  4. Find #Microsoft press free ebooks about #Azure and more here: http://bit.ly/1Ei4Dx4 #AzureTip
  5. See if the #Azure feature you need is being worked on or request it yourself http://goo.gl/bA9trx #AzureTip
  6. Get the #Azure DocumentDB SQL cheat sheet here http://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2015/08/25/get-the-documentdb-sql-query-cheat-sheet/ … #AzureTip
  7. Get the free ebook on #Azure machine learning http://bit.ly/1EpsxGT #AzureTip
  8. Azure Web Apps also support older .Net versions, like 3.5 #AzureTip