This year, I have been updating some of my Pluralsight courses. Most of my courses are what I call "evergreen" as I design them to stand the test of time. This even goes for most of my Azure courses, but not all of them. Some courses just need to be updated from time to time, to reflect the latest version of reality.

Course updates

A good example of a course that needs to be updated is my course Microsoft Azure: What to Use When. I update this course at least once a year and sometimes more often, depending on what changes in Azure. The course walks you through all the services in Azure that are relevant for developers and teaches you which ones you should use for which scenarios. I've updated the course recently to reflect the latest realities of Microsoft Azure. Check it out.

I've also updated my beginner course HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture. This course has been in the top 20s of most popular courses on Pluralsight for years now. It explains what HTML, CSS and JavaScript are and how the relate to each other. The unique thing about this course is that it is suited for absolute beginners. You really don't need to know anything about development before diving in, which people find refreshing. This is also very good for experienced developers that are new to web development.

Also, I've updated the course Microsoft Azure Developer: Implementing Azure Cache. This course is about Azure Cache for Redis, which was previously called Azure Redis Cache. The updates include the rename (which was a lot of work) and some technical updates to demos as well. Go and check it out.

New course

I've also just released a new course: Working with Text and Lists in HTML. This is a short course that teaches you some of the basic techniques in HTML to display text and lists. This sounds very simple, but I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two when you take it.

Get notified of course updates and new courses

If you want to get a notification when I've released anything like a new course or a course update, you can follow me on Pluralsight. You do that by going to my Pluralsight page and clicking on the Follow button. Keep learning!