Finally I've created a longer-form Pluralsight course again. This one is about creating a detailed solution design. It's called: Microsoft Azure Developer: Creating a Detailed Design for Your Solution.
It's a bit of a weird course as the titel was not created by me and I didn't have complete control over what I would put in the course. But here is what it is about:

The course goes through the various aspects that you need to think about when you design an application. These are things like Accessibility, Availability, Internationalization, Performance, Security and so on.

The titel of the course suggests that all of this is very specific for Microsoft Azure, but it really isn't. You can use this course for whatever platform you use. The design concepts are universaly applicable.

Also, don't expect a page-by-page instruction on how to create a detailed solution design document. If you want to create such a document, I leave the details to you. This course guides you through the design concepts and helps you to design for them.

Who should take this course? Well, I think everybody that thinks about application design. So software architects and also software developers. Everybody that helps to create an application should be aware of things like Globalization & Localization and Maintainability & Technical Debt.

Go and check it out and let me know what you think.