It's here! Visual Studio 2019! I do love Visual Studio and have been using it for many, many years. Each new version is always exciting to me as it can improve my day to day productivity. Who doesn't love that?

The new version is Visual Studio 2019! It has some great new features that I've been learning about:

  • New Search - VS 2019 has a completely new search function that works just like Windows 10 search; You just type whatever you want, including creating new projects and it finds and does it for you. And it is context aware
  • One-click code cleanup and code health - you can now easily clean up your code and apply code style rules with one click of a button
  • Manage Git Pull Requests from the IDE - In VS2019, you can manage Git Pull requests that are in Azure DevOps, right from the IDE. This means that you don't have to switch to Azure DevOps to manage them
  • Visual Studio IntelliCode - This one is very cool. IntelliCode is IntelliSense on steroids. It can tell you which methods of a class to use, based on the context of your code. It does this based on patterns that it learned from analyzing enormous amounts of GitHub repos. This means that you don't have to look up the thing that you want to do. IntelliCode will just suggest it for you
  • New refactorings and code fixes - There are a lot of clever little refactoring improvements that make life easier
  • Faster debugger and searching in watch and locals - Stepping through code when you are debugging is now A LOT faster. And you can search in the Watch and Locals windows
  • My personal favorite; Visual Studio Live Share - This enables you to collaborate with other people in real-time. This is really cool. You can work on code together and you can even debug together and share servers and terminals

There are even more new features. Check them out in the Visual Studio release notes.

And if you want to learn how these features work and see them in action, check out my new Pluralsight course: What's new In Visual Studio 2019.